Dining drApron® - Beach Huts Pattern

Beach Huts design Dining drApron® to protect clothing whilst eating. Much more dignified and attractive than adult bib. Fabulous and engaging design with beach huts and lighthouses in smart blues, navy and red. Looks equally good on men and women.

Dining drApron® - Beach Huts Pattern

Remember holidays by the sea with this Beach Hut Dining drApron®. Protects clothes from spills - much more dignified and attractive than an adult bib! Designed so the pattern is seen from the point of view of the wearer to engage and interest them.


  • Attractive and colourful design facing the wearer for stimulation
  • Fits neatly round the neck
  • Triple thickness where it is needed 
  • Choice of with or without ties. (If the person is always seated we recommend without ties as this prevents you having tangles in the wash.) 
  • Single, easy hook and loop fastening - side front neck
  • Pocket
  • Easy care, hardwearing fabric (can be washed at 60°+)
  • High quality manufacture


  • Provides dignity for the wearer - no stigma – it is more like an Apron than a ‘bib’ 
  • Pattern gives wearer something to look at and think about and possibly bring back memories
  • Pattern can give carer a topic of conversation
  • Protects clothing from spills in the lap as well as down the front
  • Reduces clothing washing
  • A Dining Drapron ® makes a beautiful and practical present.

Handmade in England

75% cotton/25% polyester

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