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What is the difference between a Limon Dining Drapron® and an ordinary kitchen apron? 

The answer is  -  a huge amount. 

A kitchen apron is a very simple item, single layer and generally only has 6 pieces – that is including the neck and side ties and a label. 

The Limon Dining Drapron® is a much more complicated garment to make and requires more dressmaking skills than a kitchen apron does. It has 10 pieces and that is without side ties! The Limon Dining Drapron® doesn’t have ties because it is designed to be worn whilst seated and it drapes over the knee. The ties are therefore unnecessary and to fasten them would only cause the wearer discomfort. (They also tangle in the wash which can be very frustrating for a busy carer.)

A kitchen apron would generally have more or less straight seams whereas the Limon Dining Drapron® has a shaped neckline and sides. 

The Limon Dining Drapron® has three layers of fabric in the top half – two layers of the print with absorbent towelling sandwiched between. 

Every Limon Dining Drapron® is handmade by highly skilled seamstresses (at the moment that would be ourselves) so each one is individual and made with the same love that we made them for our own mother. Patterns are matched around the neckline. Pockets are also matched or bound or, if it is a patchwork design, an appropriate part of the pattern is especially chosen. It is unusual to see such care taken on a kitchen apron. We want the wearer to really enjoy wearing their Dining Drapron® and feel valued. 

The fabrics we use are of high quality as we know they will probably get a lot of laundering. 

So you can see that the delightful Limon Dining Drapron® is definitely not a kitchen apron (and is certainly not a bib). 



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