Dining drApron® - Chickens Pattern

Dining drApron® in chickens pattern Cream background wiht chickens & roosters in yellow, brown, grey & red. Clothing protector that looks like an apron so no stigma of an adult bib

Dining drApron® - Chickens Pattern

This simple and colourful fun design will add joy to anyone’s day particularly if they are an animal lover or brought up on a farm. It is designed so that the pattern is easily seen from the point of view of the wearer to engage and interest them. The colourful Chickens and Roosters are a delight to count, trace with fingers or just look at. 


  • Attractive and friendly design facing the wearer for stimulation
  • Fits neatly round the neck
  • Triple thickness where it is needed 
  • Choice of with or without ties. (If the person is always seated we recommend without ties as this prevents you having tangles in the wash.) 
  • Single, easy hook and loop fastening - side front neck
  • Pocket
  • Easy care, hardwearing fabric (can be washed at 60°+)
  • High quality manufacture


  • Provides dignity for the wearer - no stigma – it is more like an Apron than a ‘bib’ 
  • Pattern gives wearer something to look at and think about and possibly bring back memories
  • Pattern can give carer a topic of conversation
  • Protects clothing from spills on lap as well as down the front
  • Reduces clothing washing
  • A Dining drApron® makes a beautiful and practical present.

Handmade in England

75% cotton 25% polyester


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