VAT Relief

Who is eligible?

VAT Relief is specific to UK customers. (If you are ordering from abroad you will not be charged VAT)

You are entitled to buy certain goods VAT free if you are ‘chronically sick or disabled’.

People with dementia also qualify for VAT relief.

What products are eligible?

For a product to be VAT free it has to be ‘designed solely for disabled people’ and be for your personal and domestic use.

Most of the products on our website have been designed for use by people with dementia. Each product states if it is eligible for VAT relief.

How do I claim VAT relief?

The relief is not a refund, it is taken off at the time of purchase.

HMRC requires that customers fill in declaration stating their eligibility. Proof is not required by us but please remember that it is an offence to make a false claim.

Limon Attire will keep, for 6 years, a record of all customers who have qualified for VAT relief. This will be presented to HMRC if requested.

If a product is eligible for VAT relief it will be calculated at the checkout. You will be asked to fill in a form with your details or the details of the person you are buying the item for. 

Note – delivery charges are not eligible for VAT relief.

If you require further guidance see