NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron®

Described variously by customers as 'game-changing', a 'godsend' and even 'chic' our NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® has also really preserved 'dignity' and 'helped to bath with her dignity intact'. To see how it has helped other customers go to What our customers say

The NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron®, designed to be left on in the shower, is a very simple garment (no sleeves or similar) which helps the wearer maintain a sense of privacy, modesty and dignity whilst they are undressed and being showered. We designed the NeverNaked(tm) system whilst caring for our mother, who had dementia and found being assisted in the shower a very difficult experience. (Read more about the story of the Limon Shower Drapron® here.)

The NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® is like a veil for the body, simply draping over the wearer and covering everything that it needs to. Importantly, the lightweight fabric is light enough to allow water through and is easily lifted to wash underneath without needing to be removed. It comes down to the knees at the front and to about waist length at the back for easy, seated showering. We produce the NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® in a range of attractive printed patterns, and it features a simple magnetic fastening at the back.

Best used with a Nevernaked(tm) Drying Drapron® for quicker and easy drying without having to undress.

(Do not leave the wearer sitting in a wet NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® after showering – being wet and cold can be dangerous!)