All Dining Drapron® patterns

"Never did I think an apron could be game-changing but I do now!" These are the words of one of our customers whose Mum uses a dinng drApron®. "it has saved a lot of washing", and "the residents love them - feel more dignified than using a blue plastic pinnie" are other comments.

 The Limon Dining drApron® is a dignified and attractive means of protecting clothing from spills. This expertly designed and crafted garment is much more appealing and personal than an adult bib, and they make a beautiful and practical present. The lively patterns face the wearer and are intended to spark conversation and memories, as well as entertain.

We designed the Dining drApron® whilst looking after our own Mum, who had dementia, and she always took great joy in the patterns and felt much more comfortable and dignified. (Read more about the story of the Limon Dining drApron® here.)

The drApron® fastens neatly and easily round the neck with a side front fastening. It simply drapes over their knee to catch any inadvertent crumbs and spills.

These beautiful, handmade garments don’t have to be limited to dining; they also look lovely over bed attire, and particularly when worn over our Amazing Merino sleeves. They are an easy way to look dressed for visitors and feel good, because appearance matters. They are all made in England from good quality fabrics, and we have included a towelling layer between two layers of the fabric for extra protection from spills. There is also no plastic.