Environmental and Social Responsibility

Limon Attire as a company was born entirely from our personal experiences, so it makes sense that the way we run our company reflects our personal beliefs and values. Our products are specifically made to improve lives and help the people who need them, but if you'd like a greater insight into how we approach our wider responsibilities as a company, this page is for you! Below is a list of steps we take to make as positive an environmental and social impact as possible:

  • We use end of range fabrics for our NeverNaked(tm) Shower Draprons®, which might otherwise go to waste. This also means lower production costs, and therefore lower prices for our customers, whilst also resulting in a greater variety of patterns so that every Shower Drapron® can feel a little bit more personal.

  • The polyester ribbons and binding we use are all woven in the UK with most of the ribbon being made from recycled polyester rather than new. We are looking at ensuring 100% of it is recycled in the future.

  • We waste very little fabric during production. Almost all offcuts are repurposed in some way, whether that's as wash gloves in the case of towelling, or face masks in the case of polyester and merino. We're currently looking for a way to donate or recycle more of the offcuts from our Dining drAprons®, whether through local patchwork groups or fabric recycling.

  • Our products themselves are made to last. Our Dining drAprons® replace flimsy single- or limited-use bibs and aprons, and can be washed again and again. We have carehome customers who are using the same Dining drAprons® they bought over two years ago and they are still going strong.

  • For our packaging, our delivery bags are recycled plastic and we use 'no plastic' packing tape. To protect our products, we have, in the past, used some locally supplied plastic bags, but we have now sourced a more environmentally friendly cane sugar alternative. This still protects our products without increasing delivery costs and the energy consumption of transportation due to weight, which unfortunately is a problem of straightforward paper packaging.

  • Any paper printing in our company is double sided where possible, with all scrap paper being used as note paper before being shredded and recycled. Packaging from incoming goods are re-used, as far as possible, and then recycled where they can be.

  • We personally upcycle a lot of fabric and clothes; last Christmas saw a lot of kitchen aprons produced from old jeans!

  • We currently design and make all of our products at home, which means that our 'production facilities' are covered in solar panels and run on renewable energy!

  • We're still a very small company, but as demand grows we are looking into a local Social Enterprise sewing facility which benefits everyone who works there.

  • Although we currently make our products ourselves, our production costs assume a living wage for our seamstresses (when we grows to need them!) since we believe the skills involved should be properly recognised and valued.

We are committed to keeping our environmental impact on this planet as small as possible whilst providing much needed products to help maintain people's dignity.