Useful Links

During our time caring for our mother we came across many helpful companies, organisations and websites. Since setting up Limon Attire we have also met many more organisations with the aim of helping people living with dementia and their care partners.

We thought it would be useful for our customers to list them here.
(Note that in listing them here we cannot be held responsible in any way for your interaction with them and we receive no financial reward for listing them.)

Admiral Nurses - provide specialist dementia support for families. Find out more about this service  at

Creative Carer -

We came across Creative Carer on facebook originally but then went to her website. She is a very kind and caring daughter looking after her lovely mother. She has some fabulously creative ideas for keeping her Mum occupied and stimulated. Like us, she uses music a lot with her Mum and she keeps her mother's artistic interests alive with various activities. Mum also has an Etsy shop where she sells the beautiful paper flowers she makes and donates part of the income to the Alzheimer's Society.

Together in Dementia Everyday (tide)

tide is a UK wide involvement network of carers, former carers and health and care professionals who are working together to build a better future for carers of people living with dementia.

Mind For You -

An alternative to respite, Mind For You offers supported holidays that are tailored to be relaxing fun for both the person with dementia and their accompanying carer. If you would like to speak to people who have experienced these holidays Mind For You will put you in contact with them and they can share their experience with them. 

Dementia Pathfinders -

Dementia Pathfinders is a social enterprise delivering education and learning for people working in the dementia care field and providing therapeutic care and support for people with dementia and their families. 
They seek to build partnerships with individuals and groups working to understand and meet the needs of people with dementia. They have partnerships with academic institutions, independent providers of services and public sector organisations in health and social care. They use their networks to publicise pioneering work which is being done locally and on a small-scale, so that we can all learn from the excellent work of committed innovators.

Dementia Conversations -

This initiative offered by Dementia Pathfinders provides an opportunity for carers, relatives and friends of people living with dementia, to share experiences, gain knowledge and explore issues that challenge our beliefs and attitudes.

Carers UK (Making life better for carers)
A great source of advice, information and support for carers in the UK

Carer's Allowance Information
This is the official Government guide to the is allowance

This is also a useful guide to Carers Allowance

Empowered Conversations -
Communications training for carers of people living with dementia. 
Empowered Conversations is an honest, practical approach to communication training. It looks at how our emotions, thinking and attitude can transform the quality and enjoyment of our relationships with people with dementia. When I met Emma from Empowered Conversations she told me about the thinking behind these courses and it immediately resonated with how we had tried to communicate with Mum. the Invitation to Respond method was very much how we had approached talking with Mum. I now help to facilitate theses courses and have helped develop a musical version too.

The Empowered Conversations Youtube channel has lots of really useful information from people with lived experience along with many academics we have links with and collaborate with. You can subscribe here -

Dementia Care Products -

Dementia Care Products supply high quality specialist dementia and daily living aids. These purpose-designed products can improve the quality of life and prolong independence for people living with dementia, whether in residential care, a nursing home, hospital or their own homes. Help can include specialist high visibility dementia signs, reminiscence aids such as memory boxes, and other products such as jigsaws and memory cards to stimulate the brain and help people to reconnect with their past.

British Gymnastics Foundation Love to Move project -

The Love to Move Programme is an age and dementia friendly seated gymnastics programme which is transforming the lives of people living with dementia.

You can now try the programme in the comfort of your own home, and there are links on the BGF website to sessions