What our customers say

Terry from Buckinghamshire
March 2022 (NeverNaked(tm) Shower and Drying Draprons®)
"Just wanted to let you know that my mother-in-law (who is a frail 96) had a very successful bath this morning using the set. Very easy to use and fitted well. She particularly liked using the towelling robe."

Christina from Lancashire
November 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Drying Drapron®
A few years ago I ordered a drying Drapron® for my Mother who is in a wheelchair and has dementia.
We now require a new one and it is perfect for someone seated in a chair after a shower.

I will say it has been a good quality soft towel. We are also going to try the dining apron this time. Hopefully it will be a success like the drying drapon®.

Erin from Virginia
October 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron®)
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Shower Drapron.

My best friend is in the early stage of dementia and has difficulty bathing herself due to mobility issues.  Although her sister often helps her bathe, being fully exposed is quite embarrassing. ...  I wasn’t sure if the Drapron would work since my friend is plus size, but took the chance and ordered one anyway. 
I received a call from her yesterday.  She is positively delighted with the Shower Drapron.  She said that it has made bathing much less embarrassing for everyone and is very grateful. "

Susan from Florida
June 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Shower and Drying Draprons®)
"I used the modesty shower drape and towel while assisting my 88 year old mother with her shower. It worked out so well! ...  I will certainly tell others caring for their elderly parents about it."

Sheila from Manchester
April 2021
(NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® for Mum with dementia)
"Easy to use."

Christine from Cincinnati
February 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Drying Drapron®)
"I will definitely be recommending your products to the company we use for caregivers so they can share the resource with other families. It is a great and unique product."

Lucy from Rawridge
February 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron®
"Hi Barbara,
Thank you. Since buying the shower drapron® for mum I have been allowed to help her shower. She was adamant before that, that she was not going to shower. "

Rachel from Southampton
February 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron®)
"Our family started using the drapron to support my mother to wash her hair in the shower a few weeks ago as she wasn't managing this independently.  It has been brilliant and she is now comfortable having assistance with other personal care while wearing this robe.
This garment allows her to maintain her dignity which is important in so many ways.
Because she feels less vulnerable she has now agreed to being supported to shower and wash hair by a carer which is a real achievement.
I would happily recommend it to anyone who has to support personal care for a modest person."

Rianna from Ohio
February 2021 (NeverNaked(tm) Shower Draprons®)
"I had purchased one of your Shower Draprons®  1 1/2 years ago for use with my Mom. She loved it! She was 92yo when she passed away this past year from Alzheimer's. What a Wonderful product!
My Aunt is thrilled with the New Shower Drapron® I just received in the mail from you. Thank you for providing this for purchase!"

Alexandra from Dorset
Jan 2021 (Dining drApon® for mother with brain injury)
"I can't tell you the difference it has made at meal times! We have no more arguments, nothing has seeped through, comes up brilliantly and, most importantly, Mum can put it on herself! Until Mum fell ill, never did I think an apron could be game changing but I do now! Sometimes it really is the little things in life."

MaryAnn from Texas
November 2020
This is my second purchase of a shower drapon® and a drying drapon®. My first was for my mother-in-law who we were caring for and it worked beautifully allowing us to bath her with her dignity intact. Your product was such a wonderful tool and my mother-in-law thought it was quite chic!

Judith - Managing Director Woodlands Care Centre Macclesfield
Sept 2020 (Dining drAprons®)
After 18 months of use - " The draprons are still in use on a daily basis and are enjoyed by the residents" 

Ruth from Arizona
August 2020 (Purchased a NeverNaked(tm) set for her mother-in-law)
"The order arrived yesterday (8/13/2020) in perfect shape and was exactly what I ordered. I took it over to show my Mother-in-Law so she could get her mind used to the idea. Today (8/14/2020) the Occupational Therapist (OT) came to Moms house and with the Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) they convinced her to get in the shower and get cleaned up. She had a good day today and the cover and the towel worked perfectly; she got to keep her privacy.   She felt good and was not totally exhausted so I hope this was such a positive experience she will willingly get more frequent showers."

Laura from Poole
June 2020   (Purchased a NeverNaked(tm) set for her mother who has Parkinsons
"They are great. My mother used them for the first time today and felt they really preserved her dignity. I have recommended them to Poole Immediate Care Team. The nurses and carers love your towel and shower cover."

Gwen from Antrim
August 2019 (NeverNaked Shower & Drying Draprons®)
"I am delighted to let you know that the shower drapron® purchased from your company has been an invaluable item in assisting me in providing my sister with a high level of privacy and dignity during her showering process. She has severe dementia, and did not want to be showered and fought strongly against it on a daily basis. The drapron resolved this issue. It provides her with a level of privacy that has removed her strong reluctance to having me washing/showering her in a naked state. I cannot thank you enough for this innovative product and would highly recommend it to anyone facing this same dilemma.
Your product has really simplified an arduous and frustrating task for both my sister and myself. I genuinely can’t praise enough the change that has taken place in the showering process because her dignity and privacy has been restored by your product."

Karen Johnson – Director of Clinical Services, Heathlands Village, Prestwich
July 2019 - NeverNaked(tm) and Dining drAprons®
" ... the ladies using the shower drapron® are more settled / less agitated when having a shower .
"The pinnies (dining drAprons®) - residents love them - feel more dignified than using a blue plastic pinnie"


Mike from Cheadle 
(Dining Drapron®)
"I found the (dr)apron a great success and saved a lot of washing..." 

from Rochdale
(Dining Drapron®)
"Beautiful drapron® that my mum loves and is proud to wear at every meal. Very high quality item that is made/ designed with care, insight and thought into what is required practically without making it look like institutional wear. There is a wonderful range of designs to choose from, my mum managed to chose her own which was lovely.
The drapron® is definitely the best item I have seen on the market, it arrived packaged beautifully and in super quick time. Would highly recommend. Thank you Limon Attire." 


Dawn from London
(Drying Drapron®)
"It is a very good design and idea that works well. A fantastic product, simple and effective. Thank you." 


Joanne form Hampshire
(All Draprons® and merino top)
"Your mother would be very proud of you to know that your wonderful products are helping others in the same boat." 


Donna - Occupational Therapist 5.2.18

Dear Barbara

I am an occupational therapist (OT) who specialises in working with PEOPLE who have dementia.  Occupational therapy works in a person centred way and assist people to reach their maximum potential. Often an OT will work with people to carry out the things they want to need to and have to do to maintain their health and well-being.  Maintaining a person’s dignity is very high on the agenda, so I was pleased to come across the range your company offers in a person being able to shower with dignity. I bought one of the showering draprons so that I could try it out for myself and experience showering with it on. I was absolutely delighted with this product; I worked on a very busy NHS ward for many years with PEOPLE who had dementia and one of the main issues was in maintaining a person’s dignity whilst carrying out personal care activities. The drapron would have solved a lot of the challenges around bathing. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product as part of an intervention that was tailored to suit an individual’s needs.

Kind regards

Donna Wood Occupational therapist BSc (HONS)

Occupational therapy services