NeverNaked(tm) Drying Drapron®

Described variously by customers as 'invaluable', 'the towel of warmth' and 'perfect for someone seated in a chair after a shower' our NeverNaked(tm) Drying Drapron® has also restored 'dignity and privacy' and 'helped to bath with her dignity intact'. To see how it has helped other customers go to What our customers say

The Nevernaked(tm) Drying Drapron® is a very simple towelling garment (no sleeves or similar) which helps the wearer maintain a sense of privacy and dignity whilst they are undressed and being dried. It provides a quick and easy way to dry the person in your care after showering, whilst maintaining their modesty. (Read more about the story of the Nevernaked(tm) Drying Drapron® here.)

You simply slip the Drying Drapron® over their shoulders and fasten it with the easy magnetic fastening, open the fastener of the Shower Drapron® and slip it out from underneath with no need to expose any of their body - NeverNaked(tm).  The Drying Drapron®, like the Shower Drapron®, comes down to the knees at the front and to about waist length at the back for easy, seated drying. 

Best used in conjunction with the Nevernaked(tm) Shower Drapron®.