NeverNaked(tm) Drying Drapron®

The Nevernaked(tm) Drying Drapron® is a very simple towelling garment (no sleeves or similar) which helps the wearer maintain a sense of privacy and dignity whilst they are undressed and being dried. It provides a quick and easy way to dry the person in your care after showering, whilst maintaining their modesty. (Read more about the story of the Nevernaked(tm) Drying Drapron® here.)

You simply slip the Drying Drapron® over their shoulders and fasten it with the easy magnetic fastening, open the fastener of the Shower Drapron® and slip it out from underneath with no need to expose any of their body - NeverNaked(tm).  The Drying Drapron®, like the Shower Drapron®, comes down to the knees at the front and to about waist length at the back for easy, seated drying. 

Best used in conjunction with the Nevernaked(tm) Shower Drapron®.