NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® - Ditsy print

Ditsy print NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® to provide modesty, dignity and privacy whilst being helped to shower or bathe. Shower modesty wear. Bathing modesty gown. Lightweight crepe chiffon. Slips over shoulders - No sleeves. Magnetic fastening at back

NeverNaked(tm) Shower Drapron® - Ditsy print

The Limon Shower Drapron® (designed to be left on in the shower) helps the wearer to maintain their dignity and a sense of privacy when they are undressed. The lightweight material allows water through for easy, aided showering. Available in a range of attractive printed designs, in easy care fabrics, it features a simple magnetic back fastening. 

See explanatory video here


  • Lightweight, attractive fabric
  • Water can pass through
  • Gives wearer the feeling of being dressed
  • Long enough to cover knees
  • Short back
  • Easy care (can be left to drip dry in the shower)
  • Single, easy magnetic fastening


  • Provides dignity for the wearer
  • Reduces anxiety for wearer
  • Reduces stress for carer

100% Polyester

Handmade in England

(Do not leave the wearer sitting in the Shower Drapron® after showering – they will get cold.)

Note – this garment contains a small magnet – consult your doctor first if wearer or carer has a pacemaker.

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