All Our Brains Exhibition

All Our Brains Exhibition

We have been very busy over the past week. We were delighted to have been asked by The Valerie Foundation to put up a display of our work at the All Our Brains exhibition. This is a collaborative development project between Sheffield Hallam University's Catalyst: Festival of Creativity, Heeley City Farm, The Valerie foundation and Enrichment for the Elderly.

It all started when I was asked to give a talk about how our creativity had helped us look after Mum. This took place at a symposium in May attended by various people involved in many different away with dementia. There was some really inspiring content shared.

So, last week we set off over the pennines with car full of fabric, sticky tape scissors etc and here are some photos of the results of our hard work with our key words - 

Dignity, Identity, Individuality, Creativity.


The six week exhibition aims to interpret and unravel different dementias and generally raise awareness of dementia and runs from until 23rd December at Sheffield Hallam University. 

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