Introducing the Drapron® on live radio - A first for me (Listen before 18th November!)

Introducing the Drapron® on live radio - A first for me (Listen before 18th November!)

Last Friday I went along with my wares to the Fylde Coast Dementia Hub. The Hub is a place which brings together many service providers to offer information and support for those living, or caring for someone, with dementia. The support group includes Dementia nurses and advisors, Memory clinic, Lawyers, Education & Research advisors, Dementia Cafes, Blackpool Carers Centre and many other services.

It is a one stop shop where people affected by dementia can go for guidance and relax with a cup of tea and have a chat. It is a marvellous initiative.

I got involved with the Hub after attending the Defying Dementia Day at Lancaster University. I met lots of lovely people there, including Dr Penny Foulds (Defying Dementia Campaign Founder) and John “Gilly” Gillmore (Radio Lancashire Presenter and Patron of Defying Dementia). After waltzing up to Gilly, asking how I got on to the radio and explaining that I had designed garments to maintain dignity for those living with dementia, he invited me onto an outside broadcast of his radio show that was going to be coming from the Fylde Coast Dementia hub.

So, off I went, up the motorway, on the morning of October 20th, feeling nervous, but at the same time excited at the thought that I could reach lots of people and tell them about my great Draprons®.

Looking back, I really shouldn’t have been nervous – not with so many friendly people around all with one aim – making life easier for those affected by dementia. Gilly and Nish were already set up, broadcasting and interviewing Terry who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers and his wife Tina.

I chatted with lots of people about the shower and dining Draprons® I had designed when caring for my own mother and explained how they helped maintain dignity, identity and individuality.

Penny introduced me to Boris who was busy taking photos and making videos of the event. When I showed him the shower Drapron® he became quite excited and set about interviewing me and making a video of me demonstrating it with the lovely Tina and Terry as models. The whole afternoon passed in a bit of a whirl, but this is the resultant video and I think it’s brilliant, thanks to Boris’s enthusiasm.

When plans had first been made, Gilly had said that he would interview me at 3pm. I must admit that sitting there waiting to talk I suddenly thought the whole arrangement seemed rather too casual and I was wondering in fact if I had misunderstood exactly what was going to happen – but 3 pm soon arrived and, whilst the news was being broadcast, Nish and Gilly came over to talk to me prior to the interview, giving me some idea of the way they intended to handle it. They are so professional yet so laid back – It clearly takes years of practice to be able to interview such a diverse group of people about so many different topics and to be so calm, cool and collected about it. They immediately put me at my ease and you can listen to the whole interview here (but only until 18th November).  Nerves on my part meant my performance wasn’t perfect, but as a radio debut I don’t think I did too badly. It was a great experience and I would look forward to doing the same again if another chance to discuss my range, and the thinking behind it, arose.

Thanks again to Nish and Gilly for giving me such a great opportunity.