Poems about 'Things I forgot' from Little Leigh Women's Institute

Poems about 'Things I forgot' from Little Leigh Women's Institute

After I had given a talk on Dignity in Dementia to the Vale Royal Group Women’s Institute meeting in March 2016, I was invited to talk again at a smaller meeting of Ladies at the Little Leigh branch this week. 3rd May 2017 – They book a long way in advance!

Well what a welcoming bunch they are! We were given a cup of tea on arrival – partly because we had arrived early it seemed. Most of the ladies arrived after us and all came over to greet us.

The room was full of lively chatter (well, it was a group of women after all) and lots of smiles.

We set out our table and listened to their ‘business’ before I spoke – what busy ladies they are! Arranging May fairs, scarecrows, outings and baking among so many other things.

One of their activities includes a competition that is related to whatever the speaker at the meeting is talking about. This month it was my talk on "Dignity in Dementia – is it possible?" So, the ladies were asked to write a poem entitled ‘Things I forgot’ and, unbeknown to me, I was to be given the task of judging.

Well, there were three entries (some ladies had forgotten to write them – hmmm, that seems appropriate!) all of which were entertaining, touching and rang true with both myself and Catherine so we gave them all first prize!

I so liked them that I asked permission to publish them in this blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Things I forgot. 
By Carol Ashdown. (Little Leigh WI)

Names and places, dates and times
And breakfast I’ve forgotten
What I had on yesterday –
Frustration plagues me rotten.
But ask me what I did way back in 1973
It all comes flooding back to me with pristine clarity

That year when I was just 16
Stays tidy in my head
When whims and fancies, laughing friends to many a mischief led.

So, when you see me in my chair
Occasionally smiling
Please don’t forget my life’s been full
With years past quietly whiling.


Things I forgot. 
By Elaine Murphy (Little Leigh WI)

Where ever can my glasses be?
I had them when I watched TV.

I wrote a list to help me with my supermarket shop,
Then left it on the kitchen top.

Who was that person who smiled and said ‘Hello’?
I’m sure it’s someone I really know.

I put a steak under the grill,
And left it there until the smoke alarm went off loud and shrill.

The appointment I have at the doctor’s tomorrow,
Turned out to be yesterday, I realised with horror!

I’ve just found a birthday card I bought for my friend,
My goodness, it’s much too late to send.

Now what did I go upstairs to find?
It’s gone completely out of my mind.

I’m getting more forgetful the older I grow,
But things that happened years ago I remember just so!


Things I forgot. 
By Margaret Jones (Little Leigh WI)

Sometimes I forget the name
Of someone I should know.
Pretend it’s a guessing game
And hope they do the same.

Turn off the lights so they don’t glow,
Shut the doors and windows as you go.
Where is the key? I just don’t know.
Where did I put it? You should know.
My memory isn’t like it used to be
My list is endless as you see.
So, let it be.